trippy tic tac toe
Biggs' Trippy Tic Tac Toe

I've done a LOT of 3D graphcs. But I never used OpenGL (I usually wrote my own 3D libraries). And certainly never did any 3D on Androids. So I wrote this app to fill that hole. Kind of fun, if you like tic tac toe.

One interesting tidbit: I didn't go to the trouble to write an editor. So I made all the 3D shapes from scratch using graph paper. Felt real old-school!

One more tidbit: I based the AI on a chicken I saw playing tic tac toe at the Texas State Fair. It's good, but can be beaten! (And if your ego is still deflated, you can change the difficulty to make it even easier.)

movie calculator
Biggs' Movie Calculator

Let's say you're editing a music video, and you want to make sure it is exactly three minutes and fourteen seconds long. You have 2:47 already done. How long should the last clip be?

Yeah, I don't like doing that kind of math either. And if you add in frames it gets even more fun (especially drop-frame, multiple frame rates, etc.)! So I made this calculator. Great for film, video, and sound editors!

This is a very useful program for me and those few who really need it, and the icon turned out great (spent enough time on it!).

proximity detector
Biggs' Proximity Detector

One phone I bought behaved oddly: it never "turned on" when I pulled it away from my ear when talking, which made hanging up a real nuisance. One question led to another and I ended up with a program that detects and plays with the proximity detector on your phone.

This tiny little app detects if your device has a proximity detector. And if it does, displays the readings that it gives off. Some are much more detailed than others. How swank is your phone's proximity detector?

proximity detector
biggs' hardware info

Curious about your CPU on your device? Well I was. So I wrote this little thing.

All it does is display the official string that's embedded in the hardware of each device. So don't whine to me if your information is less than useful--complain to your manufacture. I'm just the messenger!

Biggs' Stopwatch

My first android phone didn't have a stopwatch app. So I wrote one. It's pretty basic, but does the job nicely.